Mentorship Monday

This is the weekly thread for career and education questions and advice. There are no stupid questions; so, what do *you* want to know about certs/degrees, job requirements, and any other general cybersecurity career questions? Additionally, we encourage everyone to

Windows 11 versus ransomware

Windows 11 versus ransomware

Advice needed: found massive vulnerabilities on cloud ERP provider

This past week I was able to uncover some massive vulnerabilities, stemming from terrible configuration and just lazy work, on our cloud ERP provider. I can access other company’s data, including but not limited to, employee details, XML for tax

Malicious website

So someone I know sent me a link to a “youtube video” on Facebook. I clicked on it and it was nothing but white background. Scanned it in urlvoid n stuff and it’s completely safe. Can I get virus n

How would an on-demand training platform for social engineering work?

Hack The Box, Try Hack Me, and VulnHub are excellent on-demand platforms for learning how to hack or for picking up new csec skills. But where are the platforms for learning social engineering in the same fashion? In theory, users

Windows Security finds Trojan:MSIL/Injector.CP!MTB every few minutes

On my wife’s Windows 10 computer, she has been seeing “toast” messages from Windows Security that tell her malware has been removed. Opening Windows Security and looking at history, it locked. I found a way to delete the logs that

How to handle malware in a safe way

I’m about to start a final year project for my BSc in CS. My project is about memory forensics of docker containers. I plan to compare the processes and their internet connections of a clean docker container and one infected

Norton never stops marketing to me

I have been with them for 10+ years but am beyond annoyed how each week there is another desktop pop-up wanting me to buy another add-on service from them, on both computers. Is there antivirus software out there that is

What does a good resume look like?

Should I keep it short and to the point or should I list every key-word I can think of related to my experience and what the position is looking for? I have a lot I can put on my resume

Our small office networks has a new router/firewall provided by our ISP. The highest firewall settings have an option to restrict all WAN > LAN. Is this a recommended approach?

My initial assumption is yes because it is a strong security implementation. However, I am concerned if I enable this option, I might be blocking legitimate external Internet traffic to resources on our internal network (if that’s a correct understanding

Windows script host

So i keep getting a pop up that says “can not find script file appdata roaming scrpath gbbs” and when i search up gbbs i get nothing so i dont know if its malware, it also says it was installed

Advice – looking for CISM a good online course

Advice – looking for CISM a good online course

Are Face Recognition Systems Safe?

Are Face Recognition Systems Safe?

SANS Certification question (Sec301, GISF)

Hey I’m hoping someone who has taken the SANS GIAC: GISF Information Security Fundamentals (Sec301) Certification could help me out with this. Do you think I could complete the whole course in around 2 weeks if I spent a lot

For those that have a job in the field, what was your road to getting where you are now?

For those that have a job in the field, what was your road to getting where you are now?