Who else just uses the blackarch repositorie

Does anyone use the actual blackarch os for pentesting. I use monjaro with the blackarch reposistorie

AVG hacked or simple software error?

Hi, I’m not the author of the post below but I got this problem today as well right after installing avg on a fresh install of Windows 10. I got an alert from a computer on the same local network

What is everything I can do and study to become a better AppSec engineer?

Title really sums it up. How do I be the best I can at my job? What are some must-consume resources for general security engineering?

Is this a false positive?

[https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/58ead51a0853dea2011ef8e73d7fb36e5885342d657a96d6663c9ba736c6ea96/relations](https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/58ead51a0853dea2011ef8e73d7fb36e5885342d657a96d6663c9ba736c6ea96/relations) This one says 0/56, but when I go to relations in the bundled files section, one of them(the next link) has 1/72. [https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/440c66e83330b79fbb90172c356a21321f84ab36d477c24431d5253c2809cf27/relations](https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/440c66e83330b79fbb90172c356a21321f84ab36d477c24431d5253c2809cf27/relations) And when I go to the relations of that one, I can see a bunch of

So I’m doing a computing and informatics degrees and my senior year I’ll choose cybersecurity concentration

I’m learning C++ in my intro to comp science class (first class im taking) do you hve to know coding and c++ to work in the cyber field? Becasue c++ is stressing me out so much

Cybersecurity Built for Today, and the Future

When it comes to cybersecurity, technology solutions must be built for the future, while meeting the challenges of today. Managing cyber threats is a tricky, time-consuming and stressful process. For all the promises made by siloed security products, it ain’t

Couldn’t an SSL decryptor be used for malicious purposes?

Hello, I’m studying for the security+ exam and am currently on the topic of SSL decryptors. Couldn’t it be used by an attacker to decrypt encrypted data? I’m assuming not. But why not?

Malware Analysis 2021 – HackersOnlineClub

Malware Analysis 2021 – HackersOnlineClub

Anyone know if Kaspersky is genuinely releasing a Brave browser extension anytime soon?

Can’t find anything concrete about the subject. Seems to be the only feature missing from it.

Free antiviruses

Hello! I wanted to know whats the best free anti virus for win10 (i cannot buy licenses as i dont have access to paypal/visa) i would rly appreciate it

Very worried about possible virus hidden deep within

Checking my emails I had noticed a lot of emails in the past from a company called “VIP-SCDkey” sending me lots of emails. I decided to be stupid and get rid of them by clicking the “unsubscribe” button on it,

social engineering

I have to prepare a 10 minute power point presentation that gives an overview of social engineering with a focus on how it is done, the impacts that it has on businesses and different ways to prevent these attacks. Please

Proactive SIM behavior is more common than I expected.

Proactive SIM behavior is more common than I expected.

XSS Challenge – How the browser “fixes” things and makes it worse!

XSS Challenge – How the browser “fixes” things and makes it worse!

Can opening a spam email give you malware?

So I was clearing one of my old google accounts to prepare it for deletion, I accidentally clicked on a spam email from “ProvideAuto”, some random insurance spam email, I assume. I looked at the sender and it was a