what are these hardware busters they use to break it ?

Kind of unusual request, and I know it sounds like Hollywood esque, but anyone here now of these little buster things you attach on the motherboard meant to purposely destroy the hardware in case it’s stolen/compromised ? I know this

Looking for the best low profile antivirus money can buy

Could use some buying advice for a very good and trustworthy antivirus. Should not be intrusive/annoying (e.g. constantly spam me with ads for optional features like vpn) Should not have iffy cancellation shenanigans Preferably with a low system impact, and

Should I get my certificates now?

I’m currently a sophomore in college studying Cyber Security and I wanna do everything I can to be as prepared as possible come graduation to gain an edge on other students in my field. I know most certs have to

is bluestacks safe?

I was gonna get a emulator for my computer and I tested it on virustotal and jiangmin said it had a trojan horse in it so I was wondering if it was a red flag or it was a false

What stands out to an employer

I am currently getting my BA in CyberDefense and was wondering what is one thing that can make me stand out exponentially above other job seekers?

Please Help me (rav)

So basicly I uninstalled RAV and this appears still and I cant find any fixes for it and I wanna disable full time protection but cany someone please help :( https://preview.redd.it/d8j2s41oqjs71.png?width=467&format=png&auto=webp&s=c81ebddf524e90e44cff16ab822fa99c2e1557a4

This file cant be uploaded to VT

I was using premiere pro, when a “how would you like to open this file” window appeared, since I wanted to know how this file is named I opened it in notepad and it was empty. I later went into

Feeling Useless

I graduated college with my bos IT degree and cybersecurity focus in the fall of 2020 during Covid, my online graduation and everything felt unauthentic. I’ve been in a great fellowship that ends this December but after that I have

I am looking for advice to amend my messy career path. Graduated for a year and working as a pentester.

I am confused of what I am doing with my career and wanted a change but have no idea how. I graduated with an IT degree and worked a year as a post sales engineer in a telecom selling firewall.

Finding services with a bunch of easy to perform exploits, to learn from

So I’m writing a thesis where pentesting is not the main focus. But I’ve decided to spoof a service of some sort, and run a bunch of metasploits/exploits to prove some of my points. Since I don’t really have the

First virus please help

My computer was running pretty slow so I did a full reinstall of windows, installed everything back. Malwarebytes virus scan was all clear but today I turned my computer on and malware bytes detected a spyware called Spyware.RedLineStealer under my

Did I get a virus or nah

I’ve never dealt with viruses and I’m just really paranoid about it because I don’t want to lose files. Anyways I did a scan with windows defender and it wasn’t working or something, the option was red. I tried to

Will I need to take the CCNA

I am currently in school, working towards getting my degree in cybersecurity. Right now I am going to my local community college to get my associates in information technology, specializing in cybersecurity. I spoke with my advisor, and after I

Malwarebytes detected Spyware.RedLineStealer 5 times on my device. What do I do?

Malwarebytes detected Spyware.RedLineStealer 5 times on my device. What do I do?

Protect Your GitHub Actions with Semgrep

Protect Your GitHub Actions with Semgrep