I’m lost for words…

I’m lost for words…

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Wait for it… any moment now he’ll accidentally post a follow-up tweet with a picture of his junk, wearing a Magician’s Top Hat.

Yes.. his junk is wearing the Top Hat.

Randy made a good take, what timeline am I in?

I cannot defend something I barely know what it is and how it is going to be practiced nor hate. I Just have to wait and see.

NFT? Enlighten an old man. I googled it but the meanings didn’t work for this phrase.

He’d jump at the chance to exploit it as soon as the wind changes.

Give it 1 year

Jentucky Fried Chicken?

Somethings wrong… I… agree with Pitchford?

Its like if you want it just dont buy it lol

I think in some cases having a mechanism to create artificial scarcity in a digital space could be useful from a gaming perspective. A lot of what I’m seeing now from NFT’s doesn’t make much since but the technology behind it is sound and new. Like any new technology we won’t really know what it will evolve into as people interact with it. I’m sure this will have both negative and positive implications for future games. As a community we should make clear to companies that use it what we like and what we find unacceptable.

Bad analogy time. You pay $1,000 to be the “Only Certified Honorary Virtual Lover” of [insert famous porn star name here].

Except everyone else can still wank to her videos whenever they feel like it and the experience isn’t any less.. fulfilling.

Am I close?

I can confidently say that it’s not having autism that makes you fall for grifts like this, it’s being gullible and dumb.

I’m actually surprised. randy always struck me as the kind of guy who would jump head first into NFTs

So there is a stigma against NFTs? Or is it just against NFTs in gaming? Honest question.

The only way I could see NFT(s) being useful would be using them for membership benefits. Like, if you own a Taco Bell Chalupa NFT you can get a discount on Chalupas. Or, a band NFT gains you access to specific merch. The tradeability and verification would just make it a more useful without worrying about counterfeits.

I almost wanna support NFTs just so I never have to agree with Randall …

He’s very much right

Reminder that when Borderlands 3 didn’t sell to his expectations he severely cut bonuses to some and permanently cut bonuses to the rest and told them to “quit” if they didn’t like it.

The Greese man himself hasn’t a leg to stand on here. NFTs are garbage, but he has already paid more attention to them than his employees.

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