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    Just got a 13 week old puppy.

    We ordered a crate and it arrived late, so he’s just been sleeping on the floor of our bedroom, no night time accidents. I have been getting up 1-2 times to take him out, but last night he showed no interest in going out. He held from 9 pm to 430 am.

    The crate got here 2 days ago in the evening. I’m hesitant to put him in at night, as he’s not doing anything naughty or having accidents.

    When I put the crate together he immediately went in and hung out. He sometimes goes in and chews on his toys, I’ve fed him in there. He naps in there sometimes.

    Yesterday I put him in with the door closed and took recycling out, he cried the whole time (5 min) and then later I put him in while he was already asleep and left for an hour. When I got back I didn’t hear him crying until I was very close (I think he must’ve heard me and started)

    When I let him out, he wants to love on me, I took him out and he peed.

    I used the word crate with a clicker and a treat every time he walked in earlier.

    I don’t want him to have really bad separation anxiety, as I’m home almost all day.

    Should I be putting him in the crate more during the day, or slowly transitioning to get him used to it? We full time live in a travel trailer, so the space itself is small. If I walk/move while he’s in there he’d likely start barking

    I just don’t trust him to not chew on things when I leave him alone. I’d like to have him comfortable in there for maybe 4-5 hours so I can go to the store/run errands.

    Any insight?

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    Start putting him in at night so he gets more comfortable in there. It’s a good sign that he’s going in there to chew on toys, and take naps.
    All young pups have some form of separation anxiety, whether he’s in the crate or outside of the crate, it’s likely he will cry when you leave. However, highly recommend you use the crate when you leave (like you said, he’s very likely to chew on things while you’re gone.
    Keep feeding in there and doing the crate games with clicker (if he goes in he gets treats)
    Sounds like you’re doing great, don’t worry about the vocalizing when you leave, unless you believe he’s barking/crying for the entire hour you’re gone, I wouldn’t worry.

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